Tuesday, December 25, 2007


When I first met Cheetah, I was convinced that we'd never get her out of the shelter.

Cheetah was one of the wildest of the feral group at Pets Alive, but she was different from all of the others. The other ferals were shy and afraid of us. Cheetah was not. She had obviously considered this whole bonding-with-people thing and decided that it was not for her. When you entered her pen, she didn't run away in fear, just stood and glared at you. She seemed to regard it as a game if you tried to get a leash on her, a game that she was very good at. The once or twice I did manage to get a slip-leash on her, she thrashed so hard she scared the dickens out of me. Of all the ferals, I thought she would never get out - too wild. I met her in April and we've been trying to connect with her since then, and she still won't take a collar.

Until last Thursday. She's been unusually social over the past few weeks, taking food from our hands and allowing herself to be touched under the chin. I entered her pen on Thursday and walked the other dogs, and she actually allowed me to pet her. Cautiously, I slipped a lead over her head, and for the first time, she didn't fight. I led her out and we had a perfectly lovely walk - we had a bit of thrashing, but she stopped and calmed down quickly. When we arrived back in the pen, she allowed me to fit her with a collar.

This girl might find a home after all.


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