Monday, December 31, 2007


We're approaching Jessie's birthday, on January 15th. I'm gonna call her 8. It's not really her birthday, of course, it's her adoption day from BARC. It's been an interesting - and very rewarding - time with this little dog.

I was reminded how far she's come this year when the dogs and I were invited to a friend's house for Christmas Eve. We go every year but this was the first year the dogs have come and have had the run of the house. He has two young children under the age of 10, who love dogs and know how to act appropriately around them. Jessie was perfectly behaved with the kids, and I was completely relaxed at her being there and playing with them - her body language showed me how comfortable she was around them. Amazing - she's come such a long way from the jumpy fear-biter I once thought would never, ever be able to be around young children.

I am also reminded to be vigilant with her in situations I have no control over. A few days ago, I was walking the dogs on our street as I do several times a day. There were a few people walking the other way on a nice, wide sidewalk. As a middle-aged man began to pass us by, he suddenly leaped at Jessie with arms up, making a barking noise and coming quite close to her. This naturally scared the hell out of the three of us - Jessie lunged at him, restrained by her harness, Ginger tried to back out of her collar and run away, and I immediately ripped into him for being an incredibly stupid, irresponsible asshat. I've never actually WANTED her to bite someone before.


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