Monday, December 31, 2007

More Pets Alive Dogs, Pt 1

More dogs at Pets Alive last week that I got a chance to meet for the first time!

Ruby (who I think is mistakenly on Petfinder as 'Rudy') was very scared when she first got to Pets Alive from a high-kill shelter in the south and very, very sick. For the first weeks she was there I couldn't get more than a glimpse of her because she was in medical isolation so she wouldn't spread anything to the other dogs. Well, she's all better now and a happier, friendlier puppy (we think she's around 2) I've never met. When I walked in to met her for the first time, she jumped and danced and licked like I was an old friend. We had a great walk - she walks well on a leash and is very gentle. I have a feeling this girl will become one of my favorites.

PA's vet tech, Janet, also has a sneaking suspicion that Ms. Ruby might be pregnant - more Pets Alive puppies! We'll see if that's been confirmed when I go back this week.

I'll admit to being somewhat nervous when I first met Kane (on the left) and Dolce (on the right), two BIG rotties surrendered by a person who could no longer keep them. As I approached them in the kennels they barked like crazy behind their gate, but I had a feeling that it was just some barrier aggression. As soon as I let myself in (with Marcos standing by just in case to pull me out - thanks, man), they immediately celebrated my visit. Kane, the larger male, loves attention and isn't shy about asking for it - he wants to be touched, petted, played with as much as possible. Dolce is more laid back and reserved, but also very friendly and happy to be getting attention. I wasn't able to walk these two, but I'm looking forward to getting to know them more when I go back!

More Pets Alive arrivals tomorrow!


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