Saturday, January 12, 2008

I Weep For The Future

Just Like Newfoundland and East Berlin

Thug #1: New England is a state!
Thug #2: New England is a country!
Thug #1: Naw, it's a state. You know -- New York, New Jersey, New England!
Thug #3: You both crazy. New England is a city! It got an NFL team -- the New England Patriots!
Thug #1: Naw, man, they sometimes be namin' teams after states, like Minnesota Vikings and Seattle Seahawks...
Thug #3: Hmmm... You right. Oh! Maybe New England be both a city and a state, like New York, New York! New England, New England!
Thug #1: That gotta be it. I knows New England is a state...

Mall pizza place
Buffalo, New York

Overheard by: Snoopy

via Overheard Everywhere, Jan 11, 2008


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