Saturday, January 19, 2008

(not) News: Rhames Dogs Not Responsible for Caretaker's Death

Hey, now it's official.

When Ving Rhames' caretaker died under mysterious circumstances at the actor's LA home, most of the mass media including major news outlets like CNN ran stories stating that the dogs mauled the man to death - I guess since dogs can't sue for libel, they don't have to say "allegedly", or bother to check facts. A week later, the LA Coroner released a statement that the preliminary autopsy/toxicology reports indicated that the dogs did NOT kill the caretaker.

Well, now the full autopsy report is back, and it's official: Jacob Adams died of a pre-existing heart condition and was not mauled by the dogs. The minor, non-fatal bites found on his body were most likely from the dogs panicking, seeing their caretaker in distress.

To the family of Mr. Adams, I am truly sorry for your loss.

Let's see if CNN picks that one up.


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