Thursday, January 17, 2008

Overnight Guests

I love being able to check dogs out for sleepovers here at Best Friends. It rocks.

Last night's guest was the lovely and talented Buddy, whom we think is some kind of Greyhound or Whippet mix. He and I had a great time on this, his first sleepover with a volunteer. He did wonderfully and I'm betting he gets the thumbs-up for further sleepovers. He is a very affectionate dog who likes people very much and seemed to really enjoy sleeping on the bed. I made sure he got lots of scratches. Buddy's a winner, and he's available for adoption...

Tonight's guest is Spuds, who is listed on Petfinder as a Staffie - although I think he might be mostly American Bulldog, but what do I know. It's hard to get scale from this picture, but if you imagine a head like a canned ham and a physique that would send your average Rottweiler running to the gym to bulk up, you're getting there. Spuds, however, defines mellow, relaxed, and friendly. A few licks, a belly rub, and he's off to the bed for a nap while I catch up on my flickr uploading. He'll keep me warm tonight, that's for sure!

More pictures of BF, the dogs there, and Kanab from this trip can be found at this set on Flickr.


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