Friday, January 11, 2008

PETA's Astonishing Kill Rate

PETA's 2006 kill numbers have been released and are available for viewing from the state of Virginia when their servers are feeling well, which isn't often. It is a very good thing, though, that Virginia requires its shelters to report their kill rates to the state - many do not. The numbers in this report are supplied by PETA themselves.

In 2006, PETA took in 1030 owner surrendered dogs at its facility in VA. It adopted out 8, transferred 25 to other facilities, and killed 988. That's not a misprint. 988 out of 1030. How many people voluntarily turned an animal into PETA, believing they were doing the right thing, not knowing that the needle was going in as they pulled out of the parking lot? The numbers for cats are equally as grim: of the 1960 cats surrendered by their owners, 1942 of them got the needle.

What a thoroughly disgusting group of hypocrites. With a kill rate of over 97% of owner surrendered animals, that makes them among the worst shelters in the US for killing animals.

Thanks to Terrierman's reporting.

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