Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I've had a very full first day here at Best Friends and I have a lot of dogs to blog about, but it's very late. However, I couldn't go to bed without introducing you to my overnight sleepover guest, a very shy pit bull named Timmy. Timmy is a Katrina survivor and has obviously seen some pretty rough stuff in his short lifetime - his face is all scarred up. He's very, very, painfully shy and afraid of people, but not aggressive towards them in the slightest. He's a walking contradiction of the pit bull stereotype, quaking in fear of the people around him. Timmy is doing very well here in the hotel room, and has been allowing me to pet him without shaking. We've walked twice tonight and he enjoys being outside very much, and he is a perfect gentleman on a leash - no pulling whatsoever, walks right beside you at heel. We're going to go to bed soon - I think he's chosen a spot beside the bed as his place for the evening. Although extremely shy, he is still curious and, in his own way, optimistic. I hope the sleepover is good for him.


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