Friday, February 22, 2008

The Empty Spaces

"Every time a regional theater produces Nickel and Dimed, the play based on Barbara Ehrenreich's book about the working poor in America, I keep hoping the irony will reach up and bitch-slap the staff members as they put actors, the working poor they're directly responsible for creating, in an agitprop shuck-and-jive dance about that very problem. I keep hoping it will pierce their mantle of smug invulnerability and their specious whining about how television, iPods, Reagan, the NEA, short attention spans, the folly of youth, and a million other things have destroyed American theater."

From Mike Daisey's excellent article on the state of regional theatre. I would add that the problems he describes are by no means restricted to the regionals - they're alive and well in the big non-profits of NYC, too.


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