Wednesday, March 26, 2008


We used to have a dog at Pets Alive named Curly, who was part of a group of feral dogs, completely unsocialized with human beings. Many of the others in her pack made great progress, some continue to make progress, and many have been adopted into homes where they now happily live with people.

Curly, however, was the least socialized of all of them, and her progress was very slow while she was at Pets Alive. Even after months of exposure to people, she remained terrified and shy, and she was very stressed. When a person entered her pen she would pace and circle in an agitated way until the person was gone. Many of us spent time with her and tried to help her overcome her fear, but the most progress we ever got was when she would sloooowly, cautiously take treats from us if the treat was good enough and we sat in her pen stone still, hand outstretched. That seemed to be where progress stopped.

It was clear that Curly needed more help than we would be able to give her, and she got it when she was taken in by Best Friends and fostered by staff member Mike Harmon in his home.

Today I heard the good news: Curly has made great progress and is ready to be adopted. I'm so glad her story turned out so well, and I know it's just going to get better.


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