Friday, March 28, 2008

PETA makes a misstep

PETA has made a rare PR misstep by threatening nationally syndicated newspaper columnist Gina Spadafori with legal action for writing about PETA's continued operation of one of the most notorious kill shelters in the country, with a kill rate of domestic animals of over 97% in 2006, as PETA themselves reported to the state of VA. That's not a shelter, that's a slaughterhouse. Unfortunately for them, Gina can't be sued for telling the truth. As a matter of fact, PETA not only kills darn near any animal turned in to them, they also send people out into other shelters to pose as adopters of animals so they can kill them, too.

So bring it on, PETA. The ethical treatment of animals you claim to stand for should begin with our companions, the dogs and cats that share our homes and our hearts. It is impossible to take a stand against animal cruelty while promoting the wholesale slaughter of dogs and cats. It is a logical disconnect that undermines the entire purpose of the organization. And there are more and more people who will find out the truth about you.

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