Monday, April 28, 2008

An easy way to help dogs in danger!

Here's an easy way to help dogs in danger that not too many people know about - I didn't until pretty recently!

On any given weekend, there are rescue caravans taking place all across the United States where drivers are transporting dogs from immediate danger (usually kill shelters) to long term shelters, adoptive homes, or foster homes until they can be adopted. Organized by a transport coordinator, each driver takes dog(s) a fairly short distance - somewhere around 40 to 60 miles, usually - and then hands them off at a meeting place to the next driver until the dogs reach their destination.

Today I drove up to a mall parking lot in Newburgh, NY and picked up this cutie - Dixie. Dixie started out as part of a 9-dog transport leaving from KY and Ohio and being transported to homes in PA, NY, and CT.

I got Dixie on one of the last legs of the journey when the 9 dogs were starting to split up to go to their final destinations - we drove from Newburgh, NY to Danbury, CT where I handed her off to another driver who is taking her to her new adoptive family. She was a perfect passenger - mellow and friendly!

Rescue transport is easy to get involved in and all you need is a working vehicle and some dog savvy!

I've found Yahoo Groups to be a great place to start! Here's where I've been looking at transport schedules:
Dog Rescue Railroad
Rescue Transport
Dog Transport
Pet Travel

For the brave, here's the HUGE master list of all Yahoo groups that in some way involve dog transport. Not for the faint of heart, but you're sure to find a group that operates in your area with a little bit of searching.


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