Saturday, April 19, 2008

NEED HELP near Columbus, OH

Update 4/25: Positive sighting last night and volunteers camped out in the area observing a feeding station and traps. She's still dragging her leash after a week! Volunteers still needed!

Update 4/23: Curly still on the loose, but positive sighting on the evening of 4/22! Trying to get her comfortable in the area she was spotted in so she can be trapped. If you can help, please call Becky.

Update 4/19: Curly was spotted this morning at 4:30AM in the area of the truckstop where she got away! Volunteers still needed in the Columbus, OH area! If you can help, call Becky NOW at 201-264-0253.

4/18 11:25am:
I know it's a slim chance that someone might be reading this from the area, but a slim chance is better than none at all.

Some of you may remember me writing about Curly, an extremely shy dog that went from Pets Alive to Best Friends for some training and socialization. Curly made amazing progress at Best Friends and was adopted by someone in New York State. A volunteer was transporting Curly from Utah to NY, and somehow Curly escaped.

I know this transporter personally. She is an extremely dedicated and responsible person, and I know she will not rest until she finds this dog.

If you live near Columbus, OH and can help, please contact Becky at 201-264-0253. Curly got away at the Flying J Travel Plaza at exit 122, I-70, east of Columbus. This just happened this morning, so the quicker we can react the better.



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