Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Bindi & Cam Have a Play Date

I've posted before about Bindi and Cam, two of my favorite Pets Alive dogs. Both of them are looking to be long-term residents, and we try to make sure that the long term dogs get a little extra love, attention and activity. Cam and Bindi are both high-energy dogs and any additional activity for them is great.

Janet and I were in the office talking about having these two dogs meet. It seemed to make sense; neither one had shown particularly acute signs of dog aggression, both had a lot of playful energy they could stand to work out, and they were physically well-matched - one wouldn't be able to bully the other. We started with a walk with Janet on one leash and me on the other:

So far, so good - sniffing and investigating, but no growling or aggression. We decided to progress to one person holding both leashes with the other ready to intervene:

Very nice! We finished our trail walk and came back to the offices. We debated stopping there, but it had gone so well thus far...

They play very nicely! Oddly enough, Cam, the big brown dog, is the submissive one, even though he's male, larger, 15 pounds heavier and likely more powerful. Bindi's the little bossy one.

Now that they've been introduced they'll be able to have play dates on a regular basis. They won't be left alone together any time soon, but this will expand their social outlets and hopefully make their lives at the shelter a little brighter, as well as hopefully preparing them for other dogs that might some day be in their forever home.


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