Friday, May 16, 2008

Dog Geek Tip of the Day

As a New York City dog guy, I have Bags on Board dispensers on all of my leashes. Since I have two dogs, it's rare that I'm caught out on the sidewalk without a poop bag available. I think these dispensers are awesome... but have you seen what a pet store gets for bag refills?!? Holy moses. My local PetSmart wants $10.99 for 8 rolls (120 bags).

Solution? eBay! I've been going there more and more often for bulk orders of some of the products I use every day that entrepreneurs sell in large quantities. I snapped up an order of 98 refill bag rolls plus a free dispenser for $37, and they were shipped VERY quickly - I got mine in 3 days!

If you're not ready to commit to 98 rolls, the seller has smaller quantities available. This seller has a 100% feedback rating.

I have no association with this seller and was not asked to write this, just a very happy customer that got a great deal!


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