Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Sloppy Filmmaking (No spoilers)

I rarely go to the movies any more. Part of that is because I live in New York City, where the moviegoing experience is fairly miserable and immensely expensive. $12 tickets to listen to everyone around me discuss what's going on on the screen while children scream? No thanks.

Despite my general reluctance to see mass market movies here, I did go to the latest Indiana Jones with high hopes for the product of two masters of modern films, Spielberg and Lucas.

The first scene where we're re-introduced to Indy pretty much killed it for me. Within 5 minutes we've showcased Cate Blanchett's on-again/off-again accent, Harrison Ford's on-again/off-again acting, and an "outdoor" scene that could not have been more obviously shot on a soundstage. The remainder of the movie was similarly chockablock with inattention to detail that would get points deducted on a student film. To say I expected better would be an understatement.

Fortunately, thanks to the folks behind me I can now say "Wow, that movie sucked" in Spanish, so the time was not entirely wasted. It was also wonderful to see the very talented Karen Allen back on screen again - even Harrison Ford's interest in the process seems to pick up when she's in a scene; she elevates the proceedings.


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