Friday, May 30, 2008

Shhh! Pfizer sponsors Hunte Corp's Misery Puppy Conference

One by one, sponsors of the Hunte Corp's Misery Puppy Conference have been embarrassed to be publicly associated with a company built on animal cruelty and have withdrawn from sponsorship of the conference.

One, however, remains (that we know of). Pfizer Animal Health has confirmed via a document that they have provided (see the link) that they continue to sponsor the Misery Puppy Conference. I have personally called Pfizer to verify the accuracy of this information.

Now, Pfizer sponsors a lot of conferences. With most of them their name is prominently featured for publicity purposes. They don't seem to want their name associated with this one.

Pfizer is a massive company. The money that their animal health division brings in is likely a drop in the bucket for them. However, it really appears that they don't want their name brought up in connection with this conference. Please give them a call, as it suggests in the letter, at 1-800-366-5288 and politely let them know that what they're sponsoring is wrong. You can also email them through this contact page. Please be very specific when using the email form as it goes to the parent company Pfizer, not specifically to their animal health division. Then tell everyone you know, and ask them to do the same. Post it to websites. Link to here. Do everything you can. The more publicity, the better.

To find out more about puppy mills and the misery they inflict, I recommend watching Oprah's puppy mill episode, available for download here. Prisoners of Greed is another good resource. Terrierman's article on the connections between the AKC, puppy mills, and Hunte is also incredibly educational.

I'd also like to welcome our readers from Pfizer and Hunte - yes, I can see you in the logs. Feel free to leave a comment.

UPDATE 5/31/08: A supporter has been so kind as to email me this download link of some parody Pfizer ads with the tagline "Proud Supporters of Puppy Mills". Great work, and thanks! Grab 'em and post away!


Anonymous Gosh said...

How sad and thanks for bringing this to our attention - of which I intend bringing to the attention of others (my friends and family)

3:43 PM  

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