Sunday, June 01, 2008


I'm making some tweaks to improve pageload times - please bear with us, I'm going to make some changes over the next few days to improve the issue. Dropping the MyBlogLog script helped immensely (and if your site is hanging on a call to, I suggest that you look into doing the same), but loading the Haloscan set-up script can still drag load times down from time to time when Haloscan hasn't fed the hamsters. I'm beginning to seriously look into other commenting services, hopefully ones that work. I was concerned about losing my old comments, but when you can't read them half the time anyway, does that really matter?

I've also installed an IP Blocking script to do some very basic blocking of some variations on DOS attacks that have taken place recently. I guess they don't realize that they can't drive up my hosting bill through pageloads... because I don't pay one. Using a free service does have its occasional advantages. Still, it's annoying and it makes it awkward to read my logs, so there you go.


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