Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Daisy RIP

I wrote about Daisy when she arrived at Pets Alive. She was a senior rottweiler with bad arthritis who'd been in an abusive home. Despite her difficulties she quickly became a favorite of the staff and volunteers at Pets Alive - she was gentle and playful, happy to meet new people, and if you brought her a ball to play with she was overjoyed.

Dogs like Daisy - a senior who moves awkwardly - generally don't have good adoption prospects. In many American shelters dogs like Daisy are declared "unadoptable" and killed.

Daisy was only with us about a month before she was adopted by a wonderful woman who has a soft spot for senior rottweilers. She gave to Daisy what may have been her first real home with someone who loved her and treated her like family.

Daisy passed away in her sleep a few days ago. I'm so happy that she got to experience a loving home before she passed on, and grateful that there was a person who wanted to give that to her. From all of us who saw what a wonderful dog she was, thank you. I am so sorry that your time together was so brief.


Blogger Hawk said...

bye, daisy :(

12:55 AM  
Blogger Stew Magoo said...

Seniors make for some seriously great pets. My Sebby was a senior and man, I've never had a more intense relationship with a dog. She was just pure love.

RIP Daisy

7:08 PM  

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