Friday, October 24, 2008

National Pit Bull Awareness Day!

Tomorrow is National Pit Bull Awareness Day and that link will tell you all about events happening all over the country for pit lovers and people who are curious about what pit bulls are really like!

In honor of NPBAD (damn, that's a mouthful), I'd like to call everyone's attention to one of the coolest pit bulls I know - Sahara, whom I care for at Best Friends. Sahara was rescued by a kindhearted man twice - once when he found her starving and abandoned at a dump, and a second time when he called the shelter he's taken her to to find out how she was doing and discovered that she'd just been sedated to prepare her for a fatal injection.

There's a reason this dog was saved (twice!) - there is a family out there somewhere with a Sahara-sized hole in it and they just don't know it yet. This dog adores people, so friendly, so full of life. She gets along well with the two older dogs she lives with, too!

Walking Sahara is a challenge... because she's such a celebrity on the property that she is frequently stopped by her adoring fans who need a little face time. Or is that face-washing time? (Yep, she's a licker!) She's also a favorite for sleepovers!

While Sahara is a pleasure to care for and a joy to be around, we all want to see this girl adopted - she's so wonderful that we can't imagine her not getting a home. Take a look! Is your home missing a Sahara?

You'll find lots more photos of Sahara by Terrah Johnson here!


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