Sunday, November 09, 2008

Good Days

I have wondered about Waffle since I first got to BF. He's one of those dogs that was just overlooked by potential adopters, time after time - despite being very handsome, affectionate and well behaved. He arrived as a young dog after being dumped beside a highway and spent most of his life at BF - he's now about 10 years old and in perfect health. He's shy but sweet, and very very loving to the people he knows. I had the pleasure of taking him to CGC class where he made wonderful progress and showed everyone what a smart, sweet boy he is.

After somewhere around 8 years here, Waffle was adopted on Friday by a wonderful couple in Seattle who already love him very much - I can't imagine a better home for him. I came in early on Friday to put him on a transport van to his new home. I know he'll do spectacularly there.


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