Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Pets Alive Thanksgiving

Over the Thanksgiving holiday I traveled home and of course had to stop in at New York's Pets Alive. Turns out I was there on a good day - in the afternoon, a pickup truck towing a trailer pulled in to deliver 28 dogs pulled from death row in Ohio. We lined up to unload and bring them into the kennel building and I was struck, as I have been before on these unloads, at how lovely and sweet these dogs were. Pulled from a tiny kennel in a dark truck after a long drive, thrust into the arms of a stranger, and led into a strange building - and not a growl or a nip from a single dog. Not one. It's like they know they're safe now.

Another thing that struck me as I wandered around is how few of my old friends were there - many had been adopted and were in their new homes. As a matter of fact, Pets Alive, the shelter that almost went under in 2007, is on track to save over 1000 animals in 2008 - on a tiny budget, a small staff, and a lot of heart and dedicated people. Not a bad recovery.

For the Christmas season, Pets Alive is trying to stock up on Kuranda dog beds for the kennel. The Kurandas are a kennel standard, and for good reason. They're raised and suspended, like a hammock, so they get dogs off of the cold concrete floors. They're comfy - I've napped on the large size once or twice. They're easily hosed down and darn near indestructible, and any part that does become damaged is easily replaced. Kuranda offers their beds to shelters at a reduced price and will send your gift directly to Pets Alive. You can also make your donation on behalf of someone else as a holiday gift dedication. I know I'd be thrilled to get a donation on my behalf for Christmas, having seen firsthand what a difference these beds make to the comfort of rescued dogs!


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