Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Peapod Car

Here's why companies like Chrysler are dying: they've just introduced the Peapod Car, a small electric car that tops out at 25mph - and costs $12,500. DOING IT WRONG. You cannot achieve economy of scale by producing expensive and impractical toys. Doing it better: check out Zero Motorcycles, who are producing almost reasonably priced vehicles that are actually useful in the real world - and getting some great writeups in the bike mags. Doing it right? For all-electric, no one, yet.


Blogger The Mad Wombat said...

25mph?! Yep, that certifies it as useless for city or highway driving. Might be fun on a go-kart track, but that's about it.

I like the bike though. That would be a great commuter in the summer.

5:35 PM  
Blogger Coffee Maker said...

"Peapod" is a unfortunate name for a car, especially for one that's supposed to sell to American car buyers; bad marketing choice by Chrysler, too bad

11:08 PM  

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