Friday, September 11, 2009

Fancy again!

Fancy had her surgery! I had never seen a hernia as large as she had on a dog of her size - hanging between her back legs, it was the size of a cantaloupe. She arrived after the most recent Pup My Ride transport filthy, shy, and in need of surgery for the massive hernia she'd had for years - and was still being bred with in the puppy mill she came from. She quickly opened up as she met more people around here, and her foster mom says that since she had her surgery she's even happier and more upbeat than before! I saw her today and she had a crowd around her wishing her well, she was loving all the attention. What a wonderful and special dog.


Blogger Albert A Rasch said...

Nicely done John, nicely done!

Best regards,
The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles

7:51 AM  

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