Saturday, September 19, 2009

Motorcycle Gear Maker Icon Appropriates Dogfighting Imagery to Sell Products

A nauseating surprise in my Cycle World magazine yesterday: motorcycle gear supplier Icon is using the imagery of dogfighting to sell biking gear. Worse, they're pushing branded city and region-specific products emblazoned with the names of areas that already have enough of a dogfighting problem, thankewverymuch.

Icon's line of gear is called "Represent" and you can take a look at the products here. This is a lose-lose for both responsible riders and dogs.

I dropped them this note to let them know how I feel about this:
As a long time rider, Icon buyer, dog owner and pit bull lover, let me just say: your line of "Represent" products is thoroughly reprehensible. Appropriating imagery of dogfighting - a disgusting and illegal act that is a felony in every state - won't win you any fans among dog owners. I won't be purchasing Icon gear as long as this line exists, and I will encourage others not to do so either.

You can contact them yourself here.

Thanks to Dog Files.


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