Saturday, May 08, 2010

Adorable Puppies Need YOUR Help!

UPDATE 5/9/09 ATTENTION ALL: We have received word that the shelter is working to get these dogs into rescue. No further phone calls are needed at this time. Thank you all for your help!

We need YOUR help to save some adorable puppies!

A backyard breeder in Franklin County, Ohio, was recently arrested on drug charges and for running an illegal dog breeding operation. 19 dogs were seized and 2 were later returned to the owner. Of the 17 remaining dogs, 14 are puppies. These dogs will likely be killed by the Franklin County shelter because they are pit bulls, and Ohio is the only state to have antiquated BSL laws declaring all pit bull type dogs to be vicious - even newborn pups. It is the policy of the Franklin County shelter to not adopt out pit bulls.

Pets Alive of New York - a true No Kill shelter and sanctuary - has offered to take the dogs, save their lives, and evaluate them for adoption but needs the Franklin County shelter to release them to rescue so they can be moved out of Ohio and into proper care.

You can help by contacting the shelter and the county commissioners and reminding them that a good alternative to killing is available and that this issue is being watched far beyond the borders of Franklin County. IMPORTANT: PLEASE BE POLITE! We have every reason to believe that there are plenty of people there rooting for these dogs and we need to give them the opportunity to do the right thing! Please politely ask them to release the dogs into the care of Pets Alive.

Franklin County Animal Shelter, Main Line: 614-462-4361
Director Don Winstel 614-462-5606

County Commissioners:
Marylin Brown
Commissioner Brown's Contact Info:
Laura Stehle,
Aide to Commissioner Brown

Paula Brooks
Commissioner Brooks Contact Information:
Whitney Secrest,
Aide to Commissioner Brooks

John O'Grady
Commissioner O'Grady's Contact Information:
Sharon Keels,
Aide to Commissioner O'Grady



Blogger Who I Was, Who I Am, Who I Will Be said...

I just talked to one of the directors at the shelter- a rescue group is picking them up today:):):):):) Happiness abounds. God bless those puppies and the shelter who is taking them!

8:12 AM  

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