Monday, July 05, 2010

Beaglemania continues!

Had to go back to Pets Alive today, I needed a beagle fix. They're just so damn happy, and they're really loving the cuddling they're getting.

I also picked up some freshly-neutered beagles from the vet - so cute and sleepy and almost ready for adoption - so exciting! They've got a TON of applications and I can't wait to see them go into homes!

I've been so busy with the beagles that I hadn't been spending enough time with my old friends, so later in the afternoon I took Cam and Bindi out for lemon ices. Yes, really. You've got to look out for the long-term residents, you know - they need some fun outings!

Now THAT is a goofball pittie face! Bindi remains that happy, bouncy clown princess of Pets Alive. Maybe with all the media attention from the beagles there might be that one special pit bull lover who falls for Cam or Bindi...