Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Thanks to Shirley at YesBiscuit for catching this story today.

I'm not sure how much I have to add here that's constructive except to say that this one simple video exemplifies everything that's wrong with some shelters in this country today. You've got a TV news crew in the building - what a golden opportunity to ask for the help of the public, to ask for foster homes, to ask for adopters to step forward, to promote your animals, to do some good in the world.

Instead, they vilify and blame the public and kill a puppy while the crew is there for good measure while telling their community "this is your fault". Who in the world is going to want to step forward and help you when you're telling them how horrible they are?

No, it's not the fault of the community. It's the fault of a hellhole who seem to be actively trying to drive away and reject the people who could help them rather than engaging their community in a positive way, appealing to the better nature of humanity, and asking for the help of the public. Putting that puppy on camera and talking up how wonderful he is instead of putting him to death would literally be the very least they could do. This sort of self-sabotage of a shelter's essential mission is grossly unacceptable.

What a waste.


Blogger HTTrainer said...

The television news staff is equally to blame for slanting the segment in favor of the director. The director knows there are too many dogs but there is no passion in the reporters or news staff. This is just another filler on another evening news program between sports and weather.
Shame on them, shame on us.

7:28 PM  

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