Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pets Alive Wednesdays

Busy day at Pets Alive! I was very happy to see that the Freegle enclosures were packed away and nearly every Freegle has been adopted! There are just a few left and even some of them went home while I was there - I'm betting that next week they'll all be in homes, which is so awesome.

Since the Freegles were well in hand I spent the day with my regulars, including my new boy... Andy. A few of my regulars are lifers, but Andy's not, he's just a sweet boy who needs a little extra help. We took our usual walk and headed out on an outing to get an Italian Ice, but Andy was too nervous to eat. He loves the car and he's very calm riding in one, but he's nervous in new situations - not too bad, just a little shy - and lots of situations seem to be new to him. Sitting on a bench, relaxing and eating an italian ice just wasn't something he's used to... but don't worry, he will be!

Continuing to explore what Andy likes and what motivates him, he met my little dog Ginger.

Ginger is a fantastic test dog to meet other dogs - she's small, very non-threatening, female, and has great dog skills, she reads the intentions of other dogs very well. No surprise for an ex-puppy mill dog!

Andy liked her very much and instigated play with her. She also let him know when he was being too rough and he accepted the correction instantly, a wonderful sign. I think these two are going to be buddies and hopefully can go on some outings together - once they're friends I'm hoping Andy picks up on Ginger's excitement to be out and about!

I'm hoping to give them a play date together next week!

I got to visit my ferals, too. When I first started at Pets Alive there was a large group of dogs that had always lived together, had minimal human contact and were badly undersocialized. It's amazing to see how far they've come and how much they enjoy people now. One of the crew, Tarzan, is slowly losing his sight due to an irreversible eye condition:

No worries though, on the trail he rolls deep with his seeing eye pack, including the dapper Stuart Noble.

I'd never met Stuart before last week, but he's a very impressive little guy - especially with all he's been through. He's very friendly to people, loves the group of dogs he lives with, and is in better shape than any dog of his age I've ever met - he's very active and playful. He's just fantastic. I'm really hoping he finds the right person soon, he's a very sweet guy!

Finally, I had to see Cam to make sure he'd recovered from this recent humiliation...

He was fine. Whew! Won't someone save him from the next dress-up opportunity?


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