Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Profile of a Backyard Breeder

Just ran across this series of TV reports. A few thoughts come immediately to mind...

It is an absolute travesty that this woman was allowed to operate as long as she did when authorities were obviously well aware of what was going on. A lot of people clamor for new laws restricting "bad breeders" when simply enforcing laws we have now would go a LONG WAY towards shutting down backyard breeders like this.

There are really people out there who will spend $6500 for a dog, sight unseen? The second travesty is that some of her customers were not arrested as well for utter stupidity. It's awful to be taken advantage of, but sending $6500 for a good-lookin' website?

Finally, love the hair. Queens NY REPRESENT!

Your thoughts?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

While this pathetic waste of oxygen is an excellent example of why a lot of animal welfare advocates hate breeders - like it or not - some blame also lies on the shoulders of the dupes who bought puppies from her.

Google her up and the information on her is a classic example of the kind of internet puppy retailer no one in their right mind would buy from. I wrote about this a while back making the point that CONSUMERS need to own up to the fact that they also bear some responsibility for creating the misery these dogs live in.

When you buy a dog from a crap breeder YOU ARE NOT RESCUING IT. In giving the seller financial support, you are keeping its parents and siblings in misery.

So there's plenty of shame to spread around.

5:53 PM  
Blogger Heather Houlahan said...

As the last SHAME SHAME SHAME clip made clear, she's not even the breeder.

She's brokering. The bulldogs are probably cheap Russian imports.

I bet the people who bought status pets from her that turned out "defective" wouldn't think of buying from an Ebay seller with less than 99% positive feedback.

If dog buyers were not so fatuous, shysters like this one couldn't thrive as they do.

I did love the hair, but the spaghetti straps and the outthrust hip really make it for me.

10:33 PM  

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