Tuesday, August 03, 2010

On Activism: Revision 1.1

Embrace radical transparency. Own your successes, but also own your mistakes. Admit to both.


If you believe in what you're saying, stand behind it. Do not allow yourself to be bullied or shouted down.

Take the time to celebrate your successes. Even small or incremental successes can help to build a great framework for the future. Similarly, carefully analyze and learn from your failures - they are also a part of that framework.

Be truthful. Be honest. Be respectful. Be polite. On the other side there is also a human being.

Be persistent.

Believe in yourself.


To speak is not enough; you must also lead by your actions. Be the change - in word and deed.

Be kind.

Be open. To possibility, to change, to debate, to discussion.

Embrace technology. We live in a golden age of mass communication, where free and inexpensive tools enable anyone and everyone to potentially reach millions in an instant. Experiment with new technologies. Keep what works.

Grasp the opportunity to educate. Reach the undecided with reason and intelligent persuasion.

Laugh. Often.

Ask questions. Think critically. Seek understanding. Educate and inform yourself. Be ready to have your mind changed.

Be calm, especially when there is chaos all around you.


Be kind to yourself as well. It's easy to burn out. Know when to step away and rest yourself. There will be plenty to do when you get back.

Believe in, in the words of Lincoln, "the better angels of our nature".

What would you add? To be revised on an ongoing basis. I hope to eventually make it a poster.

Image: Banksy


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